Maria's Story

Maria Nickolay’s music seeks to illuminate stories of the soul through song.  A voice laced with both smoke and silk, at turns clear and full of gravel, Maria infuses lyric and melody with a style that unites songs and sounds of the past, with current music. Her songwriting draws attention to the honest emotions and experiences we journey through which together become our story.

Before becoming a solo artist in her own right, Maria performed throughout her homeland in northern Minnesota in various bands with family and friends. Since first arriving in Northern Ireland 8 years ago, and traveling back and forth across the sea, she has made her home in Belfast.

Maria's connection with her audience is almost tangible. She has performed in Radio Waves Music Festival, Hovland Arts Festival, Fisherman's Picnic in Grand Marais, Fiddler's Green Festival, and on radio stations at home and abroad. Her unique sound comes from of a depth of musical genres; including Americana, Folk, Appalachian, Blues, Indie, Country,
 and even and little Rock n’ Roll.  Every song she delivers she does so with honest emotion and a contagious passion for the sheer joy of making music.  

Maria's debut album "Through the Ashes" was released in 2016. Since then, she has continued writing and hopes to release a second album in the near future.
After the long awaited restoration of live music due to Covid-19, Maria is returning to performing live and in person. Click here to see if she is performing near you.